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Custom Lapel Pins


Cloisonné Pins
These are fine jewelry quality pins. Colors are hard enamel and have been individually fired at high temperatures to ensure the longest durability. They are also the most expensive type, since the manufacturing process is more involved. They are rarely, if ever, used for trading.


Soft Enamel Pins
Soft enamel pins have the same look as the cloisonné pin, but are more affordable. Colors are made from soft enamel and are fired at a lower temperature. Adding an epoxy coating to these pins increases durability. These are the most popular pins.


Die Struck Pins
As you can see from the photo above, die struck pins do not have any color added. The pin is made from your choice of metal colors: silver, gold, or bronze. Recessed areas are sandblasted to give them a grainy appearance while the raised areas are polished to shine.


Photo Etched Pins
These pins are thinner than the other types and therefore not as durable. The design is etched into the surface of the pin using a chemical process similar to using film to produce a negative. Epoxy coating is recommended to extend the life of these pins.


Offset Digital Pins
This is the only pin type where gradients, drop shadows, and photographs can be reproduced. There will be no raised or recessed areas of this pin, since the photograph-quality design is printed on instead of die-struck into the metal. Epoxy coating is recommended to extend the life of these pins.


Silk Screened Pins
The process is similar to offset digital pins. Silk Screen pin colors are printed one at a time, similar to the process used to print T-shirts or coffee cups. Again, there will be no raised and recessed areas on this pin. Epoxy coating is recommended to extend the life of these pins.


Challenge Coins
These coins are most often used for military groups, but many other organizations use them to promote camaraderie and team spirit. They are double-sided and much thicker than a lapel pin. Please view our Challenge Coin Page for more information.


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